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Table Interface Modular


The AVG-TSM2 series is a high-quality, anodized aluminum brushed table mount interface box that can be mounted into a tabletop or other flat surface for boardrooms and conference rooms etc. The attractive enclosure is modular in design to provide maximum custom configuration in the smallest possible footprint.

To access the connectors, users press down on the top of the enclosure. Pressing down releases a mechanical latch and the hideaway TSM2 slowly pivots into view, presenting the connectors at an ergonomic 45-degree angle to the tabletop. When closing, all the connectors will be covered, ensuring a neat and clean appearance

  • Modular design, optional modules for custom configuration
  • Compact size to save space
  • Completely flat surface when closed
  • Tabletop mountable
  • The TSM2 can be customised with different connectors
  • Microphone, XLR, HDMI, VGA, RCA, 3.5mm and DVI input plates available
  • CE, RoHs and UL Qualified
Input Connector – Supplied Standard 2 RJ45 Socket module, 1 HDMI  Socket module, 1 VGA D Sub Female 15 pin + 3.5mm Audio socket module, 1 240V AU Power Socket
Input Modules Available VGA+Audio, DVI+Audio, HDMI+Audio, USB+Audio,Video+RCA L/R, USB-A + Mic 6.5mm jack, VGA+Mic XLRF + Audio, 2 Network sockets, Blank Plate.
Output Connector 2 RJ45 Socket module, 1 HDMI Socket module, 1 VGA D Sub Female 15 pin + 3.5mm Audio socket module, 1 240V AU IEC Power Socket
Power Rating 240V Mains Rated Cable
Overall Dimensions 194x150x160mm(W*H*D) Cutout 183×140(W*D) Depth includes room for IEC Plug


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