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HDBT Splitter


The UDATP4 is an ultra 4K HDBaseT splitter in a 1 input 4 output configuration, utilizing HDBaseT for the outputs.

The unit has 1 HDMI input, with an HDMI loop output and 4 HDBaseT outputs. The UDATP4 distributes HDMI signals via CAT cable at 230ft (70m) with PoC, and enables IR and RS232 pass through to control the remote displays.

It pairs with the AVGear AVG-HD402PR receiver.

  • Integrated with HDBaseT technology, 4K supported.
  • 4 HDBaseT outputs with PoC at 230ft (70m).
  • One HDMI output for a local monitor or for cascading as a 1×8 or a larger splitter.
  • Addressable RS232 & Bi-directional IR to control displays.
  • Smart EDID management.
  • LEDs for status confirmation.


Items Description
Video Input/output VESA and SMPTE 480p to 2160p(4K) With 3D
Bit depth: 16, 20, 24
All HDMI audio formats including Dolby D (TrueHD)/ DTS
(HD-Master Audio)/ PCM
Audio Input/output Channel count: from 2-8 (2.0 to 7.1)
Sample rates: 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz,
176.4 kHz and 192 kHz
Power Supply DC 24V
HDBT 60m (196feet) with HDMI video, RS232 & IR control, PoC
supports AVG-HD402PR
Control RS232 & IR Full function pass though; 5V IR
RS232 port ID selectable for cascading, Baud Rate 9600
Dimensions 220 x 148 x 44mm (half rack wide)
Raw Materials Aluminum chassis
Installation Standard Rack size, provide removable ears for mounting
under table, or on wall


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