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4K HDBT Output Card


FMM 4K Seamless HDBT Output Card

  • 4K Seamless HDBT signal card
  • Adaptive HDCP input and supports HDCP2.2, the output signal supports HDMI2.0.
  • Works with a HDBT transmitter to achieve long-distance (up to 70m via HDBT certified CAT6 cable or 40m for 4K signal)
  • Real-time working status indicator: green LED blinks once when powered on, yellow LED illuminates when the port is connected with HDBT devices
  • HDBT port supports PoE
  • Comprehensive audio capacity with embedded HDMI audio and 1 auxiliary analog audio port, audio source selectable via RS232 command/GUI
  • Supports EDID management and DDC communication
  • Support bi-directional RS232 control
  • Support bi-directional IR control, compatible with 5V/12V IR receiver (default: 5V)
Input 1 HDBT, 1 Audio Output 1 HDBT, 1 Audio
Input Connector 1 Female RJ45
1 3-pin pluggable terminal block
Output Connector 1 Female RJ45
1 3-pin pluggable terminal block
Power Consumption 15W Power Consumption 17W
Transmission Distance 1080p ≤ 70m(Cat6)
4K×2K ≤ 40m(Cat6)
Switching Speed ﹤ 100ns
Working Temperature 0 ~ 50℃ Switching Speed 10% ~ 90%
Standard HDMI2.0 & HDCP2.2
Audio PCM
EDID Supports EDID Management
Output Resolution Auto, 4K×2K@60Hz, 4K×2K@30Hz, 1024×768@60Hz, 1920×1080p@60Hz, 1280×720@60Hz

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